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Ridesharing startup disrupted Davos

A community based service RideCheap is rocking Davos during 2019 World Economic Forum. In a couple of days, the app was downloaded 2300 times.

<p>The guests of WEF in Davos actively use ridesharing to move across the city, and it proves to be better than the old options in a number of ways.</p> <p>RideCheap connects drivers and passengers, allowing them freely bargain on prices and conditions of the ride. Each shared ride has a number of benefits on a larger scale. For example, less loaded roads, which is crucial for compact Davos&rsquo; streets. It can also provide a solution to many lingering traffic issues all over the world.</p> <p>Moreover, ridesharing contributes to tackling global ecology problems, lowering emissions of harmful exhaust gases. Others say it can offer a solution to long-term psychological problems of today's society, like anxiety and depression, by forming strong communities.</p> <p>All those features make ridesharing with RideCheap a must-try-thing in this year's Davos - as soon as social benefits and sustainability of things are always a hot discussion topics behind the scenes of official WEF program.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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